SRQ125606 - CA Clarity Senior Developer (367149)

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Klant: Signify Eindhoven
CA Clarity Senior Developer


  • Strong communication skills, also for discussions with IT & business stakeholders to understand business requirements
  • 10+ years of experience with Clarity, including Clarity 15.4
  • Previous experience in large enterprises using Clarity on a global scale
  • Drive for out of the box future proof designs
  • Strong experience in:
  • the usage of default/stock Clarity features & functionality in projects, programs, and portfolios
  • simple & robust designs for complex requirements
  • solution design that retains a high system performance and system availability
  • designing solutions that are fully compliant according to the standards set by the software vendor CA, regarding the configuration/coding of CA PPM Clarity such that these solutions would be acceptable in a CA SAAS environment
  • designing & programming/scripting (e.g. GEL) of Clarity Studio in order to provide automation of certain process steps, thereby increasing the usability and user-friendliness of the solution
  • designing & programming workflows & approvals in Clarity
  • solution design & programming/scripting in Clarity, incl.
  1. Portfolio custom targets & constraints
  2. Portfolio custom portlets for analysis, balancing, strategic alignment
  3. Portfolio baselining
  4. Project business case, related master data, calculations, maturing a business case over time and related to specific project tasks, business case baselining (read-only snapshot), business case workflow & approval
  5. Capturing & reporting on business case data set over a time-axis, related to at least absolute start & end dates, but preferably to relative / flexible dates, e.g. related to the capability to easily shift projects & business cases


  • solution design of a business requirement for a time-based set of master data tables. This includes, but is not limited to a lifecycle indicator per row, where a requirement exists to use time-based master data in (project) business case creation, in calculations and in reporting
  • understanding the extended usage of the project financial planning, so that design decisions between the project financial plan (Cost Plans & Benefit Plans) can be weighed up and judged against configured financial attributes that can use used in projects, programs, and portfolios
  • Jaspersoft report building in Jaspersoft Studio Professional v6.4 or higher

Nice To Have:
- understanding of stock & custom Jaspersoft Domains, Ad-Hoc Views, Reports
- experience in integrations of Clarity with MS Excel
- understanding of the Resource & Capacity Management module of Clarity & the rollup to Programs & Portfolios
- understanding and working “Agile” and working experience in one / more Agile Methodologies

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