SRQ127542 - Ops Engineer (383567)

Work location:
Starting date:
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Hours per week:

Your main tasks will be

  • You coordinate and regulate the installation, stability and monitoring of (D) -T-A-P environments.
  • You coordinate, and ensure, all risk controls are at par so we can continuously deploy our services.
  • You give advice on, coordinate, and implement life cycle management activities
  • You ensure an efficient and effective handling incident -, configuration -, change management within your team.
  • You actively participate in the Scrum process and in Continuous Delivery Engineering Practices. You will play a positive role with your DevOps team growing the experience and knowledge within your team.
  • Participating in maintaining the Operational Control Dashboard.

We operate according to the Agile way of working and the customer Orange culture, which is represented by the Orange Code. The Orange Code is the sum of two parts: 
Values - the non-negotiable promises we make to the world. The principles we stick to - no matter what.

  • We are honest
  • We are prudent
  • We are responsible

Behaviours - our way of being that makes us different from the rest. The commitments we make to each other and the standards by which we will measure each other’s performance.

  • You take it on and make it happen
  • You help others to be successful
  • You are always a step ahead

Technical experience/capabilities

  • (Administration of) Windows Server 2012/16
  • Powershell
  • Active directory / LDS
  • Continuous delivery / Continuous integration tooling (TFS/GIT/Artifactory/Ansible/Jenkins/etc.)
  • Microfocus Enterprise server
  • Databases
  • Monitoring (ELK/Prometheus)
  • Scheduling software: Universal Automation Center (or similar)
  • Test automation
  • Dutch and/or English speaking and writing skills
  • You are experienced in maintaining a Linux based stack


  • Good social and communication skills
  • Team player
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Innovative and out-of-the-box solution thinking

Start datum
Eind datum
31-03-2020  ( zonder optie op verlenging)

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