SRQ129217 - Security Engineer / 395766

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Assignment context and description of activities   You will play a crucial role in our Security engineering cloud team. Your contribution will enhance the internal Azure cloud team to understand security aspects of the Azure services and thus contributing to the safety of the bank by securing each step as much as possible.
ABN Amro’s internal Azure cloud team is your biggest client and the cooperation with our IT organization is one of your key drivers. It is important to scale the business and customer interests against possible risks. If information security and especially Azure security is at stake, you will have to quickly come up with creative and smart alternatives or mitigations.
With the following results (SMART)   ·         Working with the internal Azure Cloud team for implementing new Azure services within the ABN AMRO Azure cloud environment.
·         Identify potential risks and the severity in the offered services in an early as possible stage and work with the internal Azure Cloud team on solutions.
·         Recognise areas for security improvements within the Azure cloud platform around automation and CI/CD, access controls, network, automated compliance, alerting and forensics.
·         Working with the DevSecOps team for the design and development of security solutions using the approved automation, CI/CD tooling and standards security solutions of ABN AMRO.
·         Train the internal Azure Cloud teams in consuming security and security standards as offered by the bank.
·         Make the internal Azure Cloud teams aware of the potential risks of the solution in relation to the ABN AMRO moderate risk appetite.
·         Managing the development, refresh and implementation of cloud security policies, standards, guidelines and procedures.

Relevant knowledge, skills, competences & desired education level   ·         Solid understanding of the Microsoft Azure platform;
·         Solid knowledge of the Microsoft Azure cloud architecture;
·         Solid experience working with and integrating automated security tools into CI/CD pipelines;
·         Strong technical knowledge of secure engineering principles;
·         Working knowledge of Vulnerability/compliance, Patch management, Anti-malware, Access Control Management toolsets, Secure Coding;
·         Strong communication skills both verbally and in writing in Dutch and/or English.
Following qualifications would help to boost your candidature:
·         Master’s degree in Information Science or relevant studies
·         Information security (IS) professional qualifications such as CCSP, CISSP and CEH
·         Working experience of minimal 5 years in IT, with at least five years in Information security


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