SRQ129288 - Service Management Officer

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ABN AMRO Clearing is designated as a specialized business within ABN AMRO and holds its own banking license (ABN AMRO Clearing Bank NV). Globally the company consists of about 800 FTE and is largely self-sufficient, organizing its own supporting organization. ABN AMRO Clearing plays an important infrastructural role in the financial markets. As such it is closely monitored by Regulators and Central Banks. This is augmented by the fact that ABN AMRO Clearing holds significant market shares in financial markets across the globe holding top spots in clearing on numerous exchanges in every region. ABN AMRO Clearing Information Technology has a global focus with many programs on both a national and global level. The organization is self-supporting, running its own projects, applications and hosting them from its own data centres across the globe. Architecture and portfolio management are global issues. IT development, maintenance, support and IT operations are provided by three regional organizations: IT Europe, IT USA and IT APAC. Considering Information Technology as a main part of clearing services, the IT systems and processes have to meet ABN AMRO Clearing strategy demands and internal and external regulations.
Manages the services and service management processes to support, recover and improve the operational performance of the AAC IT chains (on information, application and infrastructure level).
Continuously monitor the service management processes and identify situations that can be improved. Organize co-operation between people (different teams) involved in order to create a shared view. Design, create commitment and implement service management processes. Coordinate the realization of the service improvements.
- Knowledge of IT and IT governance at bachelor level
- Ability to be self steering, take ownership, drive process implementations and handle escalations.
- Knowledge of ITIL practices for IT services management (incident management, problem management, service level management, deployment and release management)
- Knowledge of process & organization development.
- Knowledge of Agile way of working.
- Ability to quickly master the role, impact and stakeholders of applications and packages of AAC.
- Ability to quickly master the decision making structure, the operational processes and the standards of AAC

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