SRQ129784 - Document Controller (397732)

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SHELL Document Controller

Dedicated Document Controller (yellow) to support the Data Owner (red) in complete Document Control process, including end quality control.
Developed ‘General process per data type’. These are used and customized to each data record and its required process.
Use Q-Pulse as single system for Document Control.
Eliminate duplicate workflows or references from SharePoint and other physical locations.

-Manage acknowledgment flow for aircraft and filing, and follow up on other end users.
-Coordination and settlement of required review dates with Data Owner.
-Management of apps/user portals/login with dedicated users accounts;
Including creation, deactivation, permission levels allocation or limitations, to be administered in Q-Pulse.
-Perform full quality check on each data record validity - each month (including physical check).
-Act as focal point for SAL document management activities controlled in Q-Pulse and WebManuls
-Assist with technical writing and editing of Company manuals

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