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Our customer is looking for enthusiastic IT Service Managers in various areas. You will be working for Group Services organization. We have open positions in the areas of Global Data Services, Robotic Process Automation, Pega Platform and Artificial Intelligence.
Within Group Services, Service Managers are team-players that are technically passionate, proud of their craft, solution-focused and broadly developed. Our Service Managers have a positive can-do mind-set and they live the Orange Code Behavior.
We are looking for an experienced Service Manager, with a strong customer focus, who gladly goes the extra mile, to be viewed as “trusted advisor” by the different Business Partners from the Corporate staff departments, with close ties with the highest Management boards within our customer.
You will be advising them and coordinating with the different IT suppliers, support & DevOps teams to ensure a good quality and reliable service, whilst anticipating on (future) customer wishes.

What will you do?
Play a central role in the on-boarding of new services/applications
Monitor contracts/agreements with internal and external suppliers
Conduct regular/quarterly Service Review Meetings
Monitor compliance to risk requirements on a tactical level and liaison with Risk 1st & 2nd Line of Defense, support in solving impediments
Ensure alignment between new needs, existing service levels and non-financial risks
Define IT Operations organizational changes in case of new services
Coordinate the Financial MTP process
Monitor IT Service Cost and advise accordingly
Organize service portfolio management
Support IT (Area) Lead in making sure squads/external suppliers comply to agreed service levels

You are a driven Service Manager applying procedures, tools and methods, with great understanding of business practices and approaches. You are an expert in building relationships/ team working, resolving conflicts and problems with strong influencing and persuading skills. As a Service Manager you have great communicating/listening skills and strong in gathering information without losing your focus on your customers. You bring positive energy to the team and have very good social and communication skills. This leads to great performance.

Your education, experience and background:

·         Education at Bachelor/Master level with a strong background in IT.

·         Relevant Service Management/IT experience: 5 years

·         Relevant domain experience (Data Lake/Business Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Pega Platform or Artificial Intelligence): 3 years.

·         Relevant experience working in an Agile organization is preferred


• Professional expertise / market focus: A Service manager has in depth knowledge on specific areas. You have the necessary technical skills to perform the job. You take steps to stay informed of new trends and developments and take this into account in your decision making. You are recognized as an authority in your specialty.

• As a Service Manager, you are able to make good analyses. Hence Problem analyses and judgment is an essential competence in this profile. You act as an expert to the client in the analyses of requirements. You are familiar to potential problems related to the IT solutions to be implemented and anticipate on those problems.

• Customer focus and customer interest is paramount: A good Service Manager knows the customer’s business and puts forward proposals that reflect the customers interests.  The solutions you propose are aligned with the team and client. You are able to meet the customer’s business requirements. To advise the customer on the suitable technical solutions, it is important to understand the customer’s needs and wishes.

• Performance Motivation: a Service Manager tries to continuously improve the performance of the IT service provided. A continuous focus on improving personal performance and that of his or her team. Strives to achieve high work standards - is not satisfied with average levels of performance.

• Teamwork is one of the core competencies of the Service Manager. It is important that you work well with people and share information that is important for others. You are open to the input of others and you are prepared to learn from them. You place the importance of common goal above personal goals.

• Persuasiveness: A successful Service Manager is persuasive. You can tune in to the interests or level of discussion of your partner. You are able to use arguments that appeal to the discussion partner; you present your arguments in measured doses at crucial moments. At the higher job levels you must influence higher management and different stakeholders.

• Vision is needed for the higher job levels of the Service Manager. You are able to place short term plans in a longer term perspective and you have clear long term goals and scenarios for achieving it. You contribute to the vision on the IT requirements within the Domain or on Enterprise level.

• You are a role model:

o You are always a step ahead

o You take it on and make it happen

o You help other be successful

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1 juli 2019

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31 december 2019

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